Hello and Welcome to the Flying Emcees.  We are Emcees for Airshows and Open house Events in the Aviation world. As Emcees we entertain to your crowds first then educate to draw interest.  To have a successful  Aviation event requires experienced talent. We  bring a combined 60 years of aviation experience. As airshow emcees we will be in command of the flow of the your event. Your aerobatic talent and vendors are your main attractions. Keeping the your guest excited and informed are the goals of good Airshow announcers. We always focus on safety. Safety briefing conducted by the Air-boss, to worst case scenarios, keeping the guest clam and informed. We will remind our guest to drink water on hot days  too where the restrooms are located . As experienced aviation personnel we know the difference between Boeing and Cessna. As Commercial Pilots, we know the difference between a barrel roll and a Aileron roll. As an Aircraft technician we know what Boeing and Cessna are. Laugh but some local radio talent may not know this. We will bring Aviation knowledge to your aviation event. No airshow is to small or big. We will bring a professionalism to your event.